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Classic Car Garage in Florida

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Building Size:

30’W x 50’W x 14’H

Building Location:

Lake Worth, Florida

Building Application:

Classic Car Garage

This is a case study of Allen from Lake Worth Florida who contacted Eversafe to install a 30×50 metal garage to store classic cars on his property. The left side of his building includes three 8’x8′ hurricane rated roll-up doors which lead into his landscaping equipment and machinery.

The right side of the building contains an industrial car lift which he uses for his classic cars and projects. He loves to work on his Corvette in the garage out of the glaring sun. Two walk-through doors were installed on each end for easy access to the separated rooms.

He takes advantage of the interior space by adding storage lockers and racks along the sidewall for additional tool storage. A window was also placed on the left side for natural sunlight when the doors are closed.

Classic Car Garage Installation in Florida

Eversafe provides superior Classic Car Garage Installation in Florida with all of our building projects. Our Classic Car buildings can be customized with a lean-to on the left side, right or a covered overhang on the front or back. Speak with a building specialist for a space saving design and learn how to effectively make the most out of your budget.

Eversafe customers have nothing but the nicest things to say about our installation crews located in Florida. There clean and efficient use of the space show the expert precision of their work. In as little as a few days your Classic Car Garage can be erected on your property. 

Classic Car Garage Prices in Florida

Eversafe offers affordable Classic Car Garage prices in Florida with expert specialists and installers. Our metal building prices include free delivery and installation on your job-site. Take the guess work out of your building projects by calling Eversafe today at 800–374-7106.

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