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Steel Barndominiums

Due to continuing nationwide steel mill price increases, the prices quoted on our website may vary daily. Lead times may be affected in some regions. Please call 1-800-374-7106 to confirm pricing and estimated delivery schedules.

Florida Barndominium

Everafe buildings offer the ability to fully customize the home of your dreams using a metal building. Our residential steel homes are affordable and strong without comprising aesthetics. They can be tailored in a cost-effective manner without exceeding your budget.

We can provide a wide variety of sizes, configurations, and styles to compliment your vision and achieve a floor layout that maximizes your interior space. The only limit is your imagination.

Our steel barndominium homes are engineered to meet and exceed the counties building codes of your area. We offer free delivery and installation on all our steel barndominiums.

Steel Barndominium Prices 

Our steel barndominium prices range from $12 to $19 per square foot based on your design, features, and the location of the jobsite. Configure your floorplan anyway you like with limited restrictions. Every prefab home is easy to insulate using spray foam or insulation boards. Financing is easy to obtain as many banks offer loans for this style residential construction method.

Note: In some states we do not offer residential windows and doors. Our Barndominiums do not include sheetrock, masonry work or any aftermarket materials. Speak to a building specialist to see if your state or county has any limitations.

40×60 Florida
Free Delivery and Installation
30×100 Florida Barndominium
Free Delivery and Installation
30×60 Florida
Free Delivery and Installation
30×40 Florida Barndo w/ Granny Suite
Free Delivery and Installation
40×80 Florida Barndo with Workshop
Free Delivery and Installation
30x40 Metal House

30x40 Metal House

Free Delivery and Installation

Barndominium with Steel Garage

30x100 Steel Barndominium

Eversafe’s barndominiums offer many configurations including a monitor style, rectangular design, and fully customized steel homes with covered walkways. Design your steel barndo with living quarters or create a combo barndo incorporating multi-bay garages and/or workshop with living quarters to maximize functionality. Our buildings are clear spanned and flexible to the exterior design of your choosing.

Adding accessories to your barndominium has never been easier. Add a lean-to porch or covered walkway for a conventional look with an attached or detached steel garage. Convert your rooms to accommodate a mancave or workshop with added benefits.

Many states have started allowing ADU’s on existing properties. These often take the form of a small steel home or granny suite for visiting relatives or short-term rentals. Steel homes are very popular to use as an air bnb.

Steel Barndominium Interior Buildout

Interior Barndominium Buildout
Interior Barndominium Buildout

Eversafe gives you the metal building as the interior becomes your open canvas to design the layout that best suits your needs. Future home goers will typically contract with an architect for barndominium plans before securing the metal building shell. This process is encouraged to ensure that the time it takes to design, layout, build and ship the barndominium is not delayed due to poor planning.

A popular trending interior finish includes ship lap siding to create a country vibe or barn style look. Often these steel house kits are accessorized with large windows to create a wave of natural light throughout the structure. This is easily accomplished with eversafes custom design build out process.

Metal Barndominium Installation

Florida Barndominium Construction

Eversafe Buildings helps make your metal barndominium house construction a much simpler process. Most companies supply only building materials. We deliver and install the steel building kit so your interior contractor can finish it off in a timely manner.

The factory will supply engineer stamped certified drawings for the residential building so the architect can modify them by adding electrical, plumbing, and interior walls.

An Eversafe building specialist will work closely with your architect to make sure your doors and windows are located exactly where you need them.

Most Popular Barndominium Projects

30x100 Steel Barndominium
30x100 Barndominium
40x60 Steel Barndominium
40x60 Barndominium
30×60 Florida Barndominium
30x60 Barndominium
40×80 Florida Barndominium
40x80 Barndominium Home
30x40 Metal House
30x40 Metal House
40x70 Florida Barndominium
40x70 Barndominium
24x40 Florida Barndo with office space
24x40 Barndo with office space
16x55 Florida Cabana Pool Building
16x55 Cabana Pool Building