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Commercial Wedding Venue Steel Building

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Building Size:

30’W x 90’W x 14’H

Building Location:

Deland, Florida

Building Application:

Commercial Wedding Venue

Dave from Deland Florida was interested in a multi-purpose Commercial Metal building to allow him and his wife to harvest honey and provide entertainment space for weddings. They customized a lot of interior features including the backwall paneling, glass garage doors, spray foam insulation and  repurposed walk doors.

The building spans 30′ wide by 90′ long and incorporates a 6′ gable overhang on each end. Color matching his metal building with the wedding house behind it was essential. The placement of the three large windows along the backside allow for natural sunlight during the day.

With a fire pit outside, their guests are able to enjoy farm like views with beautiful sunset. At a later time Dave wants to enclose the gable overhangs to create a workflow for the servers allowing them easy access in and out of the building.

Commercial Wedding Venue Steel Building Construction

Eversafe provides high quality Commercial Wedding venue steel building construction with all of our metal buildings. You can add a low-cost lean-to option on either side for additional covered storage.

Eversafe customers have nothing but the nicest things to say about our installation crews. Whether you’re using your Commercial Metal Building for personal or business use, rest assured you’re in good hands with over 30 years of experience in the design of metal buildings.

Commercial Wedding Venue Steel Building Prices

Eversafe offers affordable Commercial Wedding Venue steel Building prices in Florida with expert building specialists and installers. Our metal building prices include free delivery and installation on your job-site. Speak to a building specialist by calling Eversafe today at 800–374-7106.

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