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Metal Garage Kit in Florida

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Building Size:

40’W x 50’W x 14’H

Building Location:

Fort Myers, Florida

Building Application:

Metal Garage Kit / 3 Car Garage

Wade contacted Eversafe to erect a metal building on his property that could securely store his fan boats, ATVs, and other equipment. His business has been expanding and with the purchase of a new fan boat for his Alligator Trapping service, Wade was in search of a affordable solution.

He custom designed his 40×50 Metal Garage kit directly behind his home so he could access his tools and equipment quickly. With the nature of his business, he needed the ability to connect his truck to the fan boat and depart the property in rapid time.

Wade had a concrete pad in his backyard from the previous building which was damaged in a hurricane. An important factor in purchasing a metal building from Eversafe was that the structure had to exceed the local building code requirements to prevent a repeat of events.

He worked with our building specialists to design his metal building and received his stamped certified engineered drawings showing that the building was more than strong enough for the area. Since the installation of his 3-car garage, Wade has been through two hurricanes which in the conclusion caused no damage to his building. He stated, “My three-car garage looks exactly the same as it did before the hurricanes came through” which is a testament to the overall quality, strength, and durability of an Eversafe Building.

As his business continues to grow so will his need for additional space. He conveyed to Eversafe that if things continue the way they are going, he will be contacting us again for an additional structure on his property.

Metal Garage Kit Construction in Florida

Eversafe makes Metal Garage kit construction in Florida easy as these units arrive ready-to-assemble as our expert crews execute precision construction techniques to install your metal building.

Installation time can be important in Florida when preparing for hurricane season or if you plan to start a new business. Eversafe gets the building project done right the first time with over 30-years of metal building experience.

Our crews work fast and will make sure everything is installed quickly, safely, and up to your local building codes.

Metal Garage Kit Prices in Florida

The cost of these metal garage kits is far less than you would pay for a different type of material like concrete or wood. Eversafe metal garage kit prices require less labor costs and cost in materials as compared to concrete construction. If you are working with a tight budget, why not go with the option that’s faster and more cost efficient? We provide excellent quality that you rely on and stands the test of time.

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